Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hello everyone!

This is my first post. I'm new to blogging and I have just started reasearching blogs. So please be patient while I try to figure this out.

I am mainly a Fiber Artist, but also enjoy creating other things. I like to create with found objects. I have masks made from driftwood found on the beach. I like to add bright paint and embellish with jewelry and other items.

I was introduced to Fiber Art by Susan Sorrell from Greenville, South Carolina. I saw her work and was amazed. She is such an incredible artist! I later took a class from Susan and I am continously inspired by her talent.

My Fiber Art is all hand sewn. I like bright colors and use them whenever I can. I start with fabric and add paint, beads, buttons, thread, jewelry, and anything else I can attach. I usually mount each completed piece on canvas so it is easy to hang. I spend a lot of time on each piece and they are all one of a kind.

This is a small 5 inch x 5 inch butterfly. I embroidered and then added beads. This piece took about 15 hours to complete.

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